Medical Check Up 2010

The MSB Shabbirabad campus has had students with medical record files in hand, striding towards the ‘Sports room’ for an assessment of their height & weight since Monday 27th of September 2010.
There after, the students proceed to the Board room where a renowned ophthalmologist Dr Asif from the Burhani Hospital, conducts a check up. He has very graciously consented to conduct an eye examination for the MSB (Shabbirabad Campus) students. About fifty students are examined on a daily basis. Our sincere gratitude to the members of Burhani Hospital.

Dental Checkup
Good oral health does not just mean having pretty teeth. Your whole mouth needs care to be in good health. The word “oral” refers to the mouth, which includes your teeth, gums, jawbone, and supporting tissues. Oral health can also affect the health of your body and is a key to your overall health. Al-Madrasa arranged for an ORAL CHECKUP for the students. Dr. Muhammad Tariq Fayyaz (B.D.S., R.D.S., C-Ortho, M.B.A Consultant Dental Surgeon), Dr. Maham Naeem (B.D.S. R.D.S.) and Dr. Saquib Naeem (B.D.S. R.D.S.) examined students’ teeth and prescribed treatment in accordance