5th January 2017

The Primary Section held a math program to induce the mathematical concepts that was the reproduction of the concepts taught and integrated from classes’ I-IV and designed as per their math curriculum.

The program was intended to give a practical approach towards all the concepts taught for real life application.

The start of the programme was done with Tilawatul Quran e Majeed, followed by Marsiya Mubaraqa by Class ones and then Madeh Dai Zaman by Class four girls.

Then the programme progressed on with the brain gym exercise which is a daily routine of the students in their classes for the purpose to assimilate both visual and physical balancing with coordination of the right and left brain and to help the children in all aspects of learning, to improve their moods and lessen their anxiety. These exercises are integrated along with memorizing of their tables daily in their respective classes. These exercises were demonstrated in the programme by the students to the parents who also partook by doing the following exercises

  1. positive hook ups
  2. smartly hold and raise
  3. active cross crawl
  4. lazy eight
  5. breathing in and out

The Math–O-Pedia program was designed to have a semifinal round first between each section which comprised of 3 rounds and they were:

1st round –Identifying the Shapes: The students of class 1-3 had to identify the correct shapes from the picture shown on the screen and for more challenging and stimulating prospect, class 4s had to identify angles shown by the hands of the clocks.

2nd round –Number Patterns: For classes 1 and 2 they had to identify the sequence of the patterns on the screen. Whereas classes 3 and 4 had the number parade round by guessing the correct number as per the sequence given.

3rd round -Spin the Wheel: This round was assessing students on how apt they were with their tables from 2 to 12. They had to spin the spinner with numbers from 1-10 and then multiply it with the number shown on the arrow (2 to 12) with the number where it stopped.

1st round –Fun with Fractions– each group was provided with a packet of M&Ms and worksheet. The students had to operate mathematical functions by counting their candies and dividing them in fractions as per their fluorescent colours just within a time of four minutes.

The winners were declared after the completion of three rounds who were also the qualifiers to enter the final round competition and this was according to their respective houses.

The final round had 4 rounds beginning with:

2nd round –Place Value Party– a round to show team spirit by working collectively to arrange the digits given on the screen into largest, smallest, odd, even and expanded form within a time span for each question of about 15 seconds in which they had to answer a total number of six questions shown on the screen.

3rd round –The Speedy Math Round– A buzzer round; quick mental calculations were applied on the four operations skills for a total number of 12 questions shown on the screen.

The 4th and the final round -Lets go Shopping!- The groups were provided a shopping list to buy the items from the M.S.B tuck shop designed for selling stationery items. Students of class one and two had to go with their shopping baskets and lists to buy the items within 90 seconds and the students of class three and four then had to calculate the amount for the items bought as per the given prices within the same time.

To involve and challenge the parents to stimulate their brains; brain teasers were given as prompt between each round which encouraged enthusiasm and spontaneous responses.

The programme was brought to an exhilarating end after declaring the winners of this event and that was the Yaqeen House.