Let’s Make The World A Better Home For You And For Me

22nd April 2011


Earth day was celebrated all through the week in the Pre-Primary at MSB through activities related to save the earth, concentrating mainly on the 3 R’s (REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE). Circulars were sent with sites that parents and children could use to make their together time productive.

To make this Earth Day a memorable one, the students presented a short stage programme during the morning assembly. The Prep I’s enlightened the audience with a poem on the 3 R’s.

The Prep II’s then came upstage in colourful attire with a story titled “The Black Monster” which evolved around the common plastic carry bags that are a cause of pollution and disaster.

The Nurseries filled the atmosphere with gaiety as they recited the poem “It’s a small world after all…”

The programme came to an end with a dua that, for peace to prevail upon the earth, for the lands to flourish and the streams to flow, may Moula (TUS) live till the end of time.