Learning With Fun!

2nd May 2012

Teaching at MSB is from the book certainly but also an extension of the real world. Language is not only taught as a component of the curriculum but in recognition of the genres that are available in reality.The students are avid readers of the newspapers and particularly enjoy IMAGES in the Sunday papers, which offer a large buffet of writing ideas and styles. A popular favourite with students  is the EATING OUT column which offers reviews of restaurants .To enable students to collectively enjoy a treat at a nearby restaurant as well as enjoy the experience of writing out their reviews , the VII’s and VIII’s were taken to a nearby restaurant. Shehrebanu Kanchwala a students of Class VIII in her review says “although located at the corner, it is surely the heart of Mohammad Ali Society. The lane is full of different variety of restaurants but the uniqueness of this place led our teachers to take us there”A surprised Mubarakah Rawat says, “Upon reaching the entrance, one would assume it to be a tiny roadside dhaba. But inside it makes us realize that it is actually a large restaurant spread over three floors.An observant Amatullah Sh Yahya was impressed with the environment “I scrutinized my surrounding as I waited for my order to arrive. It was quite delightful as the pillars were well decorated with tiles with the pictures of ice creams and the walls around us were textured which specially gave me a very good feeling”.The venture turned out into a fun filled experience as well as a lesson well learned and thoroughly enjoyed bringing out the talents of writing from within our students.