Labbaik Ya Dai Ya Allah

07th March 2013

A Moomins well-being is of utmost importance to HuzureAala (TUS) and His Mansoos Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS). Both Moula continue to beacon Momineen towards a life of piety, health and better living.

His command in the 102nd Milaad waaz to each Moomin around the globe was a powerful message to cleanse our bodies and souls of moharamaat immediately.

MSB considers it a mandatory part of its educating system to acquaint and make its students aware of every directive received.

On Thursday 7th march 2013 Al-Masool Sheikh Ammar Bhai conveyed this farmaan onto the students that had gathered for tilawat ud dua early in the morning. He also urged students to read and acquaint themselves with the detriment of using moharamaat as we live in a world that is surrounded with these vicious things that come to us as a sense of fashion and modernity amongst the youngsters in the third world.

The students were quick with their response againt this drive against moharamaat and immediately the following day, Friday had a presentation that they had prepared with their teachers support to create awareness for the whole school to watch and understand and abstain from.

For the piety of the world may our Moula who is the epitome of piety live on this earth to beacon us for towards righteousness forever.