Know Evil To Be Able To Recognize It And Abstain From It

15th March 2013

Ameeri l Momineen (SA) States

Araftush sharra la lish sharre lakin li tawaqeehe

Know evil to be able to recognize it and abstain from it.

In the light of the directives from Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS) to Momineen around the globe to stay away from moharamaat, MSB continues its campaign towards this in many different ways.

As our students are our ambassadors to their homes, surroundings and circles, it is only pertinent that we educate and create awareness amongst them. Therefore during the morning Tilawat ud dua with the entire school assembled, MSB was indeed honoured to have a renowned Doctor from the Aga Khan Hospital Dr. Aliasgher Bhai Kagazwala, who is also a co-surgeon on the Burhani Guards panel to enlighten and inform the students regarding moharamaat and its hazards.

It was an interactive session which was supported by a pictorial power point which spoke volumes about the dangers of moharamaat.

The impact of the discussion was eminent on each little face as they left the hall ready to reach out their surrounding and help cleanse it from moharamaat in their own little ways.