Izhaar-Ul-Masarraat Programme At MSB

25 Feb 2011

The festivity of the occasion was eminent as the Upper Primary and Secondary students entered the MSB premises in colorful attire. Excitement and joy apparent on every countenance.

The day started with an interesting quiz, which consisted of five teams, who held strong fort for the lead in answering questions regarding the Marasi of Ya-Syed-us-Shohadai and Fulkul-Hussain ending in a tie between two teams. Equally interesting was the Hayaat Tayyeba quiz.

The other part of the morning was busily utilized in acquiring and using skills, the excitement of which was eminent in the students active participation. The activities which were demonstrated to the students by experts included bracelet making, making bird feeders, rida pin making, motif printing creatively decorating thaalis, preparing candy baskets, prepare thematic baskets, delicious and attractive marzipan making sketching and shading.

The display was a colourful array which tantalized the heart and made judgement a steep task.

The day came to an end with the announcement of the winners followed by namaaz and then delicious salawaat jaman.