Izhaar Ul Masaraat Primary Marsiyah Haflat

26th February 2013

HuzureAala (TUS) in his verses states

Ya qaume qoolu summa qoolu Ya Hussain

wa ahabo sautin nahwa sam’iy Ya Hussain

With regard to this mandate the students of MSB recite and memorize the verses of both Ya Syed us Shohadai and Fulk ul Hussain.

To ensure that students recite and memorize these Marasi comprehending the depth of the meaning and each word, the primary students met in a competition where the rounds consisted of words, related photographs and bayaans that were used as prompts.

The students were able to answer very aptly and confidently all through the competition.

This august meet ended with our Class IV’s Marsiya Party reciting marsiya and the little primary students stood and did matam for a full five minutes with a conviction beating strongly in every heart that may our beloved Moula (TUS) and His Mansoos (TUS) live till the baqa of Imam Hussains Matam.