Izhaar Ul Masaraat Pre-Primary Sport Meet

26th February 2013

Each student and every individual at MSB today, presented their tahani in an array of spectacular different ways. The Pre-Primary were out to display how a sound body and a sound mind work in harmony to bring out the best of the very best from within them.

The spring air was crisp and festive and the energy that the students exuded was just apt for a sports meet as keen mothers sat in the audience craning their necks as their eyes searched for their little ones.

The program commenced with tilawate Qur’an e Majeed, tilawat of Marsiyah mubarakah and the melodious voices of the students filled the spring air with joy, happiness, festivity, and barakaat in abundance as the Prep II’s recited madeh.

This was followed by a colourful PT display where the students exhibited their talents amidst applause and appreciation as they moved their supple and dexterous bodies. The synchrony in their movements was commendable.

Next in line were the track events. The events were based upon a theme of PROFESSIONS which was part of their curriculum and the syllabus. Therefore the races were a portrayal of different professions that the students have seen during their learning.

Each countenance was a fine display of the excitement of the morning.