Isn’t Earth Day, Everyday?

So graciously we are endowed with a gift of nature our motherland and its expanse which makes it possible for us to be what we are and do what we do. All that nature bestows upon us so graciously is reason enough for us to celebrate and respect every living moment.

The world unites in celebrating earth Day on 22nd April. Therefore to join in on this GLOCAL celebration the students and the staff at MSB busied away in creating awareness of what we tend to take so for granted.

On the 20th of April the Primary students strode in through the school gates adorning outfits in colours of the earth, whilst the Pre-Primary children were seen adorning sashes, crowns and wrist bands to celebrate earth day.

The students in the entire school went about watering the plants. In line withRasulullah (SA)’s Hadees النظافة من الايمان the students observed and promoted the concept of taking care of nature observing cleanliness in every aspect of our lives, collecting garbage wherever it was sited. Every drop of water was precious so water conservation was promoted through discussions and video clips which the children watched . The students utilized used paper and newsprint to prepare collages, old plastic bottles were transformed into beautiful flower vases students made little garbage carriers to use when the garbage can was not at easy access.

The students sharing their snacks with their peers and caring enough to clean their mats and help each other clear their things away, was an ardent display of the concept of “caring and sharing”.

Brown paper bags were decorated and a slogan befitting earth day was inscribed on these bags which were later taken to a local supermarket to dispatch goods to buyers in, was an activity that one of the primary classes indulged in.

The environment was filled with sounds of rhymes and poems which our little earthlings had learnt during the week in their classrooms.

The students strode out of school with a sparkle in their eyes with promises and resolutions made to save and celebrate the planet, our homeland, the earth .

A plea beating in every heart was that for peace to prevail, for rivers to flow, for lands to fill with bounties, may our beloved Moula (TUS) and His Mansoos Moulaya Aali Qadr(TUS) live till the day of Qiyamat.