ISA Project Inspiration.

21st December 2012

The project titled “Inspirational Leaders” was initiated by MSB Matriculation Higher Secondary School – Chennai, in connection with the International School Award (ISA) programme organized by the British Council. In this regard they wanted to develop a link with our school for this project which is a part of the ISA, so that students of both of our institutions can interact with each other on common International issues, share and exchange ideas and provide a base for a better understanding between nations.

This project titled “Inspirational Leaders” aims at studying the work done by leaders of USA, South Africa, Pakistan and India in various fields. Related to this project MSB-Chennai prepared a PowerPoint presentation on the peace processes initiated and executed by prominent leaders of both our nations – Pakistan and India.

According to the plan of action our Pakistan Studies Teacher of IX SSC was appointed for this project. The above mentioned PPT was shown to the students of classes 9th onwards on Wednesday 19th December 2012. In this informal warm-up session, the students were invited to come up with ideas on what measures them as students would wish to take to initiate and enhance peaceful ties between the people of our countries. They were encouraged to work individually or in groups to prepare a roadmap for peace (in the form of a brief essay or a poster), giving their practical ideas and method of implementation for resolving conflicts and aiming for better bonding among our people.

Many students submitted their essays and posters (Attached).

An online live interaction session between students and teachers of the two schools was held using Skype on 20th December 2012 in which they shared their ideas in an informal but organized setting. Some of the ideas they shared are as follows:

  1. The people of the two countries must not label each other terrorists.
  2. A blog should be created for the people of the two countries.
  3. There should be a forum for constant dialogue between the two nations at all levels.
  4. The visa process should be simplified and if possible should be eliminated totally.
  5. Both countries should celebrate their independence day together.
  6. There should be student exchange programme.
  7. Healthy competitions should be organized for the students of the two countries.

This activity proved to be very informative for the students and they are very enthusiastic for such activities in future as well.