Investiture Ceremony

On Friday, 2nd August 2019 the stage was set for this year’s investiture ceremony. Students of Class 6-10 waited eagerly in the audience to see who the newly appointed leaders of the student council would be for the academic year 2019-20.

Aamena Mukarram of Class 11 began the ceremony with a brief introduction and then welcomed our Head Boy Hamza Mundrawala to the stage. Al Masool Janab Sh. Hunaid bhai honoured him with his sash while the Academic Coordinator Miss Samina Soomro honoured the Head Girl Ruqaiyyah Hakimuddin with hers.

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, Burhanuddin Mannan and Sarrah Ghaniwala were called upon next and honoured in the same way.

House Captains Abizar Qutbuddin, Najmuddin Dawoodjee, Mohammed Marvi and Huzaifa Haryanawala took the stage next, each carrying their house flag, holding it up with acknowledgement of the responsibility of the duties that come with their titles.

Vice-Captains Arwa Mukhi, Umme Hani Mandasorewala, Sakina Ghaniwala and Munira Tinwala stood across the stage acknowledging the same.

A total of 20 prefects lined up next to the stage in harmony with the rest donning their badges as mantles of accountability and signifying the reliance and confidence the school holds in them. Before leaving the stage, they pledged the oath of MSB to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities in order to maintain discipline in the school for all students.