Investiture Ceremony 2021-22

The first of Safar ul Muzaffar 1443H, September 8th, 2021 will be an unforgettable day for the students of Al Madrasa. The investiture ceremony for the year 2021 – 2022 was held in light of the central theme of the first Majlis of Ashara Mubaraka.

Maulana Ali (AS) has stated:
“I sought supremacy and found it in seeking knowledge and in taqwaa.”

In light of the first Majlis, the students also learned that the basis of all Ilm and amal is the zikr of Imam Husain (AS) and that the foundation of taqwaa itself is the zikr of Imam Husain (AS). There are many lessons of leadership in his shahadat.

The programme commenced with the barakat of tilawatul Quran al Majeed after which it continued with the zikr of Imam Husain (AS) and the recitation of Qaseeda, Madeh and the official taranah of Al Madrasa.

Students selected for this year’s student council were awarded their sashes by our esteemed leaders and heads of Al Madrasa. They recited the prefect oath with pride as they vowed to carry out their duties honestly and in accordance with the happiness of our Maula (TUS) in order to uphold the honour of Al Madrasa.

It is under the benevolent leadership and guidance of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (RA) and Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa (TUS) that Al Madrasa continues to flourish.

The programme concluded successfully as everyone rose for the recitation of wazifa tu shukur and for the national anthem displaying our patriotism towards our country.

May Allah grant our students the taufeeq to become the leaders of tomorrow in accordance with what Maula (TUS) has envisioned for them and may Allah grant our Maula (TUS) a long healthy and prosperous life till the day of qayamat. Ameen.