Into The Realms Of Science

The last few weeks had been scrupulously spent searching and researching, connecting and establishing better understanding of SCIENCE as our young scientists toiled at making their projects, understanding them enough to explain it to the eager audience who visited and patiently listened to our budding scientists explain their theories and research.

In all the students had put together 34 projects. They had been categorized into four groups by the science faculty to ensure optimal learning. The students endeavored to produce only the best of the very best. The projects were presented with adequate facts displayed on charts and handouts.

MSB had invited distinguished judges from Al-Jamea -tus- Saifiyah, the Aga Khan Institute of Education and development , The Aga Khan Examination Board , faculty from Habib School and a Trainer from Teachers Resource Centre.

Each project was portrayed commendably making the judgment very difficult. However, eventually four prizes were nominated as the winning entries for each category.

It turned out to be an enlightening experience for those involved in the projects as well as the