Inter House Throwball Match

22nd October 2012

Monday morning brought an end to the long waiting of the senior girls. Geared in the highest of spirits they sprinted towards the ground in their track shoes. The first two teams that played were Jihaad and Yaqeen. It was a fabulous match for the spectators who watched intently. The ambitious Yaqeen played with full faith in their abilities and came through as the winners with an 11 point difference.

Then the Sabr and the Adl team girls strode onto the field. It started off as a very casual and relaxing match but very soon the energized Greens gained on their opponents and came through with an edge of two points.

The grounds now lay open to the Adl and Sabr team for the finals. Both teams put their best foot forward and anticipating about who might win was impossible. The spectators watched with rapt attention as the Yellows with their perseverance turned the game over completely and won with a clean 14 points more than the opposing team.

The girls congratulated each other upon the sporting spirits that they exhibited during the game.