Inter House Sports Meet At MSB

21st December 2013

As the winter chill filled the air, joy and thrill ran throughout the grounds of MSB setting an ideal ambiance for the Annual Inter House Sports meet2013

The program commenced as soon as our chief guest Janaab Aamil Saheb Nooruddin Bhaisaheb Maimoon arrived escorted by the school band.

The recitation of Quraan e Majeed, Qasida shareefa and Madeh filled the atmosphere with barakaat and hasanaat making it a promising start for the day ahead.

The Masool welcomed Janaab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb, Ummaal Kiraam, the members of the management and our esteemed parents. After which Janaab Aamil Saheb blessed the audience with his words of wisdom.

The Madrasa anthem and the national anthem filled the air as the flag rose high on its post at the melody of the qaumi tarana.

The house captains then took their oath and the games were declared open by Janaab Nooruddin Bhaisaheb.

The Primary students at their PT display made a fine spectacle of teamwork as the commentators were heard affirming over the microphones that “You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world but if they don’t play together the club won’t be worth a dime”. This dynamic PT display put up by the young energetic students of MSB gave glorifying results under the guidance and instruction of the sports teachers. The students gathered in fine displays of 50 and 52 signifying the 50 glorious years of Burhanuddin Aqa as Dai-ul-Fatemi.

The young gymnasts then performed feats that involved strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance.

The races then began with the primary on track with their colourful races of ring the cone, ball race, the traditional but fun race of lemon and spoon and catching the ball race. The hopping race where the little 3rd Grade students hopped away like little bunnies to grab their medals was lots of fun. The relay race, the backward race and the 3legged race brought the primary events to an end.

The Older students with seriousness and determination on their faces came on track.

The obstacle race with the racers crawling awkwardly from under the chair with their mouths filled with bananas was quite a sight. The 3 legged race, the shuttle race, the skipping race, followed by the sack race, the wheel barrow race, the hurdle race and the flat race brought the events to an end.

The much awaited moment of medal distributions arrived as the students rose high upon the winners pavilion to be embellished with their well-earned medals.The winning trophy was awarded to the Yaqeen house with the leading points.

The incessant nazaraat of HuzureAala (TUS) and His Mansoos Syedi Mufadal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin (TUS) upon the Madrasa and each who dwells within its expanse enables victory and triumph. So triumphant and elated the students and parents dispersed from the grounds of Evan e Mufadal with a dua beating vehemently in every heart that may the expanse of both Moulas saya Mubarak always engulf us.