Independence Day Celebration

The flag hoisting ceremony was held on 13th of August 2008 in Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah. Along with the school band , Aamil saheb of Shabbirabad Block-B Sh.Zainuddin Bhai , Al Masool Sh Mustafa Bhai, Head of Sections and administrator, were taken towards the stage where the flag was hoisted with the recitation of the National Anthem by the entire school i.e. staff , students, administration personnel, with the deep feelings of patriotism. Class VII and VIII students then recited the National song ‘Ye Des Hamara Hai’ It was a treat to see all the students gathered together with one purpose in mind that is to celebrate our.

Educational Activity
Independence Day 
Classes V- X

With high spirits and light hearts, the 61st birthday of our Nation was celebrated in Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah on Friday 15th August 2008 in Ewan e Muffadal. The programme commenced with the students from Class VII’s Jamila Sh Taherbhai Disawala and Maria M Shabbirbhai Kanchwala quoting the Noorani Kalemaat of Syedna Tahir Saifuddin (R.A) given during a Press Conference in 1946 about his aspirations on the separation of India and Pakistan.

After that two students of Class VIII Qutubuddin Juzer Hussain Burhanpur wala and Mohammed Mustafa Jack enacting as “The Poet of the Nation” Allama Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan respectively, delivered their speeches portraying ardor and patriotism for their homeland and pleading to the youth of Nation to be devoted Pakistanis.

The next two famous icons from Class VII Burhanuddin Mustafa BS and Mehlum Shafi Udaipurwala overwhelmed the audience with their meticulous and flawless performance, as President Musharraf and the City Nazim Mustafa Kamaal.

The National Songs recited in chorus by classes VII & VIII “Yeh Desh Hamahra Hai” and classes V & VI “Jeevay, Jeevay Pakistan” created a panorama where the students fluttered like sunflowers in delight.

Mustafa Dr M.Turab bhai Pishori and Ajab Sh Shabbirbhai Khambatwala, attired as the ‘Father of the Nation’ and ‘Maader e Millat’ performed their parts so competently that they held the audience spellbound.

Classes IX and X had their just share in making this event a huge success. Jumana Ali Indorewala’s hilarious Mushaira full of sarcasm and criticism on Pakistanis’ view of the country had the audience rollicking in glee. This was followed by other poems and speech in Sindhi and Urdu by Shere Banu Shabbir Tinwala, Radiya Saifuddin Colombowala, Yahya Mustansir Kaj and Mohammed Idrees Runijawala, which aroused the patriotic emotions in students.

Finally it was time to recite our National Anthem, but just reciting it without understanding its meaning is pointless, so our class V students brought to light the meaning of all the words of the National Anthem, which was then duly recited with reverence and pride by one and all.

The anchor people for the entire ceremony were our very confident, smart and charming girls of Class VIII; Habiba Quresh Jangbari and Sarrah Munawar Ezzi. Hats off!

Muraqibs, teachers and students endeavored together as one team to make this programme a well organized and an enjoyable event.

Pakistan Zindabad