In Honour Of Chehlum Of Imam Hussain (SAW)

12th Jan 2012

The entire Chehlum week, the students and the staff at MSB were prolifically involved  in different activities ranging from a recollection of Ashara Mubarakah waaz, to waaz notes, recitation of Marasi Mubarakah and the recitation of Shahadat of Imam Hussain(SAW) and Moulana Abbas (AS).

The Pre-Primary and the Primary students met in one such unique competition where students were required to recite shahadat. The students recited shahadat in a manner that instantaneously drew tears out of the eyes of the listeners.

Our emerging Zakireen –e- Hussain filled the environment with their sweet and heart touching voices in Nowha.

A conviction eminent in each little heart was to attain the ridha Mubarak of Imam Hussain(AS)’s Dai and His Mansoos.

The students were awarded prizes which comprised of photographs of the memorable sight which Momineen all around the globe were fortunate to witness when both Naas(TUS) and Mansoos(TUS) led us into the maqtal of Imam Hussain (AS). All the participants were awarded certificates.