Ightinamul Ashara Til Mubaraka 1441H

The significant days of Ashara Mubarak Ohbat that took place around the world and particularly in Al-Madrasa proved to be very enlightening for our students.

Under the saya of our Aqa Maula TUS the students of Al-Madrasa were enriched with priceless blessings during the days of Ashara Mubaraka.

Students reached Masjid before time for talaqqi of waaz majlis, noted down waaz points, and did pur josh matam seated on their knees. They received the sharaf of Qira’at ul Quran preceding waaz majlis and bringing mumineen to tears by reciting shahadat and participating in Zikr e Hussain AS.

They partook in various types of khidmat such as serving niyaz e Hussain AS and sabeel ul anwar, assisting mumineen, collecting Qardan Hasana contributions, scanning ITS cards, maintaining nazafat and participating in Burhani guards and management to ensure successful execution during Ashara Mubaraka.

May Allah grant our Hussaini Dai, the one who inspires us to lament and withhold great sorrow of Imam Hussain AS in our hearts, a long, healthy, prosperous life for the eternal zikr of Imam Hussain AS till the day of Qayamat. Ameen.