Hifz Ul Qur’an Musabaqat At Pre-Primary

7th March 2013

HuzureAala TUS stated in his inaugural address of MSB that He (TUS) establishe MSB worldwide for the Taleem of Al-Qur’an. Therefore, it would only be appropriate to begin the teaching of Al-Qur’an right from the day that a student enters its pious precinct.

The students are no longer just memorizing the surahs of the Qur’an as done prevalently, but they are memorizing the verses applying the correct rules in accordance to the ahkaam ut tajweed.

On a Friday early morning after rounds of recitations within the classrooms, the best students from each level and every class came on stage for recitation.

It was indeed a marvel to listen to the tiny tots recite with the correctness of the qurras of Misr.

A dua that emerged onto each teacher, tutor and facilitators lips was that may this recitation take these children into the August Hazrat of our beloved Moula (TUS)