Hayat Tayyebah Quiz In The Pre-Primary

6th March 2013

Each breath and every day during the season of ta’abudaat is spent in the tasbeeh of Burhanuddin Aqa’s name Mubarak and all learning and activities revolve around Moula (TUS).

The Prep II’s had a chance to take a closer glimpse into Moula (TUS)’s Hayat Tayebbah and a quiz competition was arranged on the occasion of HuzureAala (TUS)’s milaad Mubarak by the Gregorian calendar.

the students were distributed in eight teams and the quiz comprised of questions and answers round, a rapid fire round and a pictorial identification round.

The morning was spent learning and enjoying their victory. The meet ended with delicious snacks that a parent had graciously sent to heighten the festivity.