Haflato Milaad-E-Miavi

6 Mar 2011

Festivity was at its fullest at MSB on the eve of 6th March as students and parents of the secondary section entered the beautiful and flamboyant premises of MSB with shining and smiling countenances. Upon entering the gates, our guests were led into an exhibition that was a display of a hundred glorious years of our beloved Moula (TUS). A colourful display of the competitions that had been held earlier along with the Tahani cards that the students had so ardently made, proved to be a fine display.

The programme commenced with the reverberation of the zikar of Aale Mohammed (SAW) through recitation of verses from the Qasida Mubarakah that HuzureAala(TUS) had composed last year.

There after Al-Masool Sheikh Ammar Bhai warmly welcomed the honourable guest, Al-had-ul-Anjab-ul-As’ad Janaab Shabbir Bhaisaheb Nomani and esteemed parents to this splendid evening.

The programme turned now to the recitation of Al-Qur’an ul kareem in four subjects in which the Quran has been revealed by students who had memorized the 30th sipara and had been certified by Al Mahad uz Zahra.

This was followed by the finals of the competition of the memorization of the Marasi “ya Syed-us Shohadai” and “Fulk ul Hussain”. Our Chief Guest Janaab Shabbir Bhaisaheb Nomani also conducted one round of competition. This was followed by the very interesting Rowzatul Adabel Fatemi.

The zenith of the programme was apt, as this evening we were all celebrating a special and significant concurrence, HuzureAala(TUS)’s birthday by the Gregorian calendar and the commencement of the month of Aqa Moula(TUS)’s Milaad Mubarak. The air filled with chants of melody as the entire group wished Aqa Moula (TUS) a very happy birthday as Janaab Shabbir Bhaisaheb Nomani performed the cake cutting ceremony.

Prizes were then awarded to an ex student who had managed to memorize the entire Qur’an e Majeed and the high achievers at O levels in the last academic year. The evening brought yet some more good news as a student from MSB Shabbirabad had won first position in the Math Olympiad and brought triumph and pride to MSB amidst 1300 contestants.

This memorable sojourn came to an end with eager students pulling their parents to visit the buildings, where each class room in its own unique way spread words of felicitation to our beloved Moula by zikr of distinct elements of Moula’s Hayat Tayyeba.