Haflat-Ut-Tarannum At MSB

16th February 2013

The angels regale with joy when melodious voices are raised in the madeh of our beloved Moula (TUS).

The students of the Primary after rounds of madeh recitation in each class assembled at Evaan e Mufaddal and the air was filled with melody as students practiced their madehs one final time before they went up on stage.

Students recited madehs in groups as well as solo while the audience listened to them totally enthralled in the beauty of the words in symphony with the students euphonious recitation.

Deciding upon the victors of this competition at Class IV level was a magnanimous feat as each student recited ever so beautifully.

All the students were seen starry eyed as each pair of eyes envisaged standing and reciting in Burhanuddin Aqa (TUS)’s August Hazrat Imamiyah Nooraniyah.