Goal Setting Workshop By Dr Meher Rizvi

Al Madrasa tus Saifiayatul Burhaniyah

Shabbirabad – Karachi

A report on Goal Setting Workshop by Dr Meher Rizvi
An enlightening and thought provoking workshop was organized by AMSB on Saturday 12th April 2008 at
9: 00 am for all Management personnel and portfolio holders from Shabbirabad and Haidery campus.

  • The workshop facilitator Dr. Meher Rizvi Assistant Professor from AKU IED initiated the proceedings with a brief introduction of herself, which was followed by the participants introduction, where they had to answer the key question What one thing, do you want to do in life that is unique/creative/? Few of the C.P were very sure of what they wanted to do, while others were a bit vague.
  • This was followed by a brainstorming session focusing on CP’s views on Goal setting and the need to set goals.
  • A Power Pont Presentation depicting Twenty One Steps for Setting and Achieving Goals was shown.
  • After discussing twelve steps CP were divided in three groups(each group consisting of personnel from different sections) and were given the task of answering three questions:-
  • What would you like your Department/Section to achieve in Five years?
  • What would you like your Department/Section to achieve in One year?
  • What would you like your Department/Section to achieve in two Months?
  • After the groups were ready with the answers the Action Plan was to be discussed, keeping in mind the SMART strategy.
  • Finally the groups depicted their planning on Charts and displayed it for Gallery Presentation
  • An assignment to complete the Action Plan for the goals set, was given to the CPs
  • The facilitator then concluded the workshop at 4 O’clock with the message:-
  • Grip Yourself
  • Grip the Team
  • Grip the Task

All in all this workshop was a great opening for all the administrators and faculty to combine their expertise and experience and come on one platform to develop holistic goals so that there is a continuity and rapport in all sections.

AMSB Educational Institute
Shabbirabad Karachi