Focus On Your Goal, Not The Obstacles

We conducted an activity in which students had to reach the finish line, but in order to achieve that, they had to meander through a maze of chairs which were arranged in between them and their target. They had to memorize a way in which they could move through the chairs to the target before they were blindfolded. Little did they know that after they were blindfolded, the chairs were picked out of the way, only to clear the path.

Most of the students moved left to right so that they did not fall over the imaginary chairs, and only a few students reached the finish line.

This is a perfect example for all those who focus on the obstacles that life will throw at them and forget the target. Often, the fear of not falling over these obstacles makes us forget our goals in life, and lead us to a completely different direction.

It is imperative to always keep your mind focused on your goal. Sometimes those obstacles may be imaginary (like those imaginary chairs) and sometimes even if you have to face obstacles, you will find a way through the maze.