Essays by the Primary Student of MSB (1st Term 2007-2008)

Discriptive Essays


I am a boy. My name is Hamza. I am seven years old. I study in Class I-A. I have five members in my family. I have two sisters. My mother’s name is Fatema and my father’s name is Shabbir. My school’s name is Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah.

Written By:
Hamza Shabbir Mandasorewala.
Class I-A.


My name is Aarefa. I am a girl. I am seven years old. My father’s name is Yousuf and my mother’s name is Rashida. My hair colour is black. My favourite colours are red and pink. I have two sisters and one brother. I like to eat Pizza.

Written by:
Aarefa M. Yousuf Badri.


My name is Mohammed. I study in AMSB School. I am in Class 2-A. I am 8 years old. My hobbies are playing games and writing. My favourite game is cricket and I want to be a cricketer. I like to eat biryani and nihari. My favourite drama is Lucky. My favourite cartoons are Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry. I like yellow colour. My best friend is Malik-ul-Ashtar. The indoor game I like best is Bey-Blade.

Written by:
Mohammed Mustafa Saiger.

Summer Vacation

On my first day of my vacations I woke up excited. I quickly changed my clothes and sat down to eat my breakfast. Then I helped my mother to put my clothes in the suitcase. Then we went to the station. After a while our train, Kara-Kuram, arrived and we went in. We had booked two compartments, one for our parents and the other for us. We traveled in the train for one night. Then at last we reached Rawalpindi first and from there to Murree Hills by road. First we went to the hotel (Felton). We stayed there for one night. Then we went to Bhurban. We liked it very much and stayed there for three days. From there we went to Patreata. Over there we sat in chairlifts. We enjoyed it so much that we sat twice in it. Then we went for hiking. We had a lot of fun. Then we went to Bhurban again to pick our luggage. Then we went to the station and after traveling for two days we reached home. My summer vacation was wonderful.

Written by:
Zahra M.Moiz Ajmerwala.
Class 2-B.

Heavy Rain

On Wednesday there was a heavy rainfall in Karachi. I was at home and I saw that the trees were falling down, the birds were going to their nests, puddles were full of water, electric power was off and the people were facing a lot of problems. There was thunder and lightning. It was getting dark and there was a traffic jam on the roads everywhere. There was current in the water, billboards were falling and water was pouring out from gutters everywhere. Old people were sitting on the roadsides and getting wet. The parents were worried about the food but the children were enjoying in the rain!Written by:
Lubaina Sh. Mansoor Bhujwala.

Secret Seven

The story I have read is an adventure story in which Jack’s sister Susie flies a toy airplane and it lands in their neighbour’s home. Then all seven friends went to take the airplane and saw that it had landed on the window. So they discovered something else that someone else was also there in that empty house. In the end they discovered that it was the bad, hot tempered gardener, Gorgie Grim.

Written by:
Khadija M.Mohsin Pishori.
Class 3-B.

A cottage in the woods

One day, a group of boys going for an outing in the nearby woods, suddenly heard a loud voice of a man shouting as if a wild animal is eating him up! Let’s go and save him, said Ali Asgher. No! Shouted Hatim, if we shall go there to save him, the animal might eat us up as well. But the others did not agree and said, No, let’s go and save him. So they all went to the woods by following the man’s shouting. But when they reached there, they saw that it wasn’t the man, instead there was a witch. She was experimenting her magic on a man and she was also laughing at him because his face was becoming funny. The boys also started laughing as they could not control themselves, and the witch heard them and caught them. The witch kept them as her servants in the small cottage. The cottage was too small and the witch could not live comfortably with the four boys. So, one day when the witch had gone out for some work the boys made a plan to run away.

When they were getting ready to get out of the cottage, the man said, “Please! Take me with you as well.” Mansoor said, “Yes, we will take you with us.” “Follow me, as I know the way out of these woods.’ Moiz asked, “How do you know?” “I know the way with the help of the compass,”  Mansoor replied. “Do you know how to use it?”, asked AliAsgher. “Yes”, Mansoor replied, “now follow me and let’s leave fast before the witch arrives.” Shortly afterwards they came out of the woods. They were very happy because they got out of the witch’s prison and reached home safely, but also very tired as they had to walk a lot of distance.

Written by:
Umme-Salama Tahir Sidhpurwala

Summer Vacation

Near India, in a forest, there was a small cottage, where lived a small boy named Tot. He had no food to eat. One day Tot went near the river. There he saw a small boat and sat in it and the boat took him to a big village where two thousand elves lived. He saw a golden house. All the elves thought that he was an enemy. Tot said, “No I am not your enemy. I am a poor, small boy. I have no parents and I have not eaten anything for fifteen days. The monkeys took all my food. Can you give me some food?” The elves were shocked, “Not eaten for fifteen days!” they said in shock. They gave him food and soon he went home.

When he went to his home, he saw that his cottage was burnt. Then he began to cry. Suddenly one of the elves came and said, “If you want, you can come and live in our village.” So Tot went back with the elf to his village. When he reached there one of the elves gave him a magic drink. After drinking it he also became an elf and lived happily with the rest of the elves ever after.Written by:
Murtaza Mohammad Hussain Burhanpurwala.