Essay By The Primary Students Of MSB(Autobiography)


(A) I am a boy. My name is Mustafa. I am seven years old. I study in Class I-A. At my home I have four members in my family. My brother’S name is Taher. I do not have any sister. My mother’s name is Tasneem. My father’s name is Murtaza. My school’s name is Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah.

Written by:
Mustafa Sh. Murtaza Sehorewala.
Class I-A

(B) My name is Ali Asghar. I am a boy. I am six years old. My brother’s name is Qusai. My father’s name is Abizer Ezzy. My mother’s name is Batool. My favourite colour is red. I like to eat Pizza. I play in the evening. I go to school with my father.

Written by:
AliAsghar Abizer Ezzy.

(C) My name is Ibrahim. My father’s name is Saifuddin. I am seven years old. I study in Class II-A. My school’s name is AMSB. My teacher’s name is Zainab behen. My hobby is cycling. My favourite game is cricket. I have one brother and two sisters. In my school there is a big playground. My best friend is Hussain. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite cartoon is Scooby Doo. I also like vegetables.Written by:
Ibrahim Saifuddin Petiwala.
Class 2-A

(D) My name is Zainab. I live in Pakistan. I live with my parents and grandparents. My favourite colours are purple and pink. In my free time I play with my toys. My favourite food is Dal-Chawal. I like to watch WinxClub. My favourite subject is English. My sister’s name is Maria. My mother is a very good cook. I have a beautiful Barbie doll. My best friend is Zahra. My best T.V. channel is C.N. (Cartoon Network). I went for swimming in my summer vacation at Hotel Marriot.

Written by:
Zainab M.Younus Multanwala.
Class 2-B.

(E) My name is Zainab. I was born on 14th December 1998. I am a Sagittarius. I live in a joint family. I would like to be a doctor, because my school is giving me much information. My favourite pastime is to read storybooks. I have a sister and a brother. My best friend is Ruqaiyah Sadriwala. I like to eat lovely and tasty food. I live in an apartment. For my friends, and me the precious and important person is Aqa Maula. In the end I pray that I would gain more and more knowledge.Written by:
Zainab M.AbdeAli Gheewala.

(F) Hello! My name is Mustafa. My father’s name is Turab and my mother’s name is Arwa. I have two brothers and their names are Murtaza and Hussain. We live in an apartment. My school’s name is AMSB and I am in Class III-B. My teacher’s names are Durriya behen and Batool behen. My favourite colour is red. I don’t like it when my brother hits me. My hobby is reading storybooks. My daily routine is when I come home from school I take off my shoes, go to my room and take a bath. After that we gather in the lounge and eat our lunch. My friend’s name is Hassan. The only memorable event I can remember in my life is the picnic on the farm where I enjoyed very much.

Written by:
Mustafa Dr. M.Turab Pishori.

(G) Hello! My friends, today, I am going to tell you something about myself. I was born on 24th October 1997 in Holy Family Hospital. I have short brown hair and light brown eyes. My complexion is a little dark. My star is Scorpio. I have birthmarks on my finger and my thigh. I am ten years old and I am known as Ruqaiyah M.Yousuf Artist. There are five members in my family and they are my parents, my two younger sisters and me. My favourite food is Italian food and I like to eat Jackfruit a lot. My best friend is Shehre-Banu. I love to swim and race with her. I like the dandelion flower and love to read Enid Blyton’s stories but I don’t like children when they are screaming. I study in AMSB School in Class IV-A. I get bored in Urdu subject but I love studying Science. I hifz Quran for Aqa Maula’s Khushi Mubarak. I love to read books and I have got badges for that too! When I grow up I want to be a dentist to help people by curing their dental diseases.Written by:
Ruqaiyah M.Yousuf (Artist) Wankeneirwala.

(H) Hey! Friends, my name is Fatema and I was born in Holy Family Hospital in Saddar on 4th April 1998. Now I am 9 years old. My star is Aries. My blood group is A+. I am short in height and a little chubby. I have fair skin and long black hair. My family’s name is Mandasorewala and there are six members in my family, my parents, my two sisters, one brother and me. My favourite colour is red. The flower I like best is Jasmine. The tasty, yummy food, which I like, is Chicken Jalfrezzi. I like to play Ludo, Scrabble, solve puzzles and to swim in my free time. I study in AMSB School in Class IV-B. When I grow up I want to be a teacher because I love to teach little children. I hope I will be a successful teacher.Written by:
Fatema Mohammad Hussain Mandasorewala.