Educational Fair 2017

4th March 2017

Based on the nine miracles manifested during the restoration of Al Jami’ al Anwar, this year’s educational fair was not only an educational success but also was engulfed with divinity and mysticism of the restoration of Al Jami’ Al Anwar.

Working with zest and zeal the students of the Upper Primary and Secondary section worked tirelessly on their ideas, deftly incorporating the knowledge of both deen and dunya. There were a total of 34 projects which simply radiated the intricate synergy of efforts of both teachers and students.

The day was commenced with the arrival of the chief guest Al Had Janab Juzer BS Zakavi who graciously performed the inaugural ceremony of the fair.

The day started with the tilawat of Quran Majeed. Along with the Al Durra tul Maknunah BS Rashida BS Shahzada Abbas BS, Karachi Amil Saheb Janab Juzer Bhaisaheb and Amil Saheb Janab Younus Bhaisaheb were among the notable dignitaries who visited the fair. The principal of Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah Haidery, community educationalists and the parents appreciated and acknowledged everyone for their assiduous efforts.

What made the entire event a notable one was all the positive feedback and appreciation received from the chief guests and parents. The projects on display covered the four major subjects of Science, Math, History Geography which were shaped in the light of the nine ayat of Al Jami’ al Anwar. The students were divided into groups. Each group was responsible to cover the assigned topics.

The chief guest listened intently and paid immense interest to each and every student presenting their projects. All students made astounding projects and were judged on the criterion of presentation, explanation of the project, confidence and the content.

In the field of science from class V & VI, Class 6A’s Green House and 6B’s Blower project made it to first place while the ‘Projector/ Camera’ of grade V won away with the 3rd place.

The phenomenal set up of grades VII and VIII in the science subject stole the show with their spectacular projects. The ones who definitely impressed the judges were the ‘Paper Slurry’ and ‘Effects on Lungs’ which were undoubtedly awarded the first prize followed by ‘The Effects of Drinks’ who technically were the runner ups.

In the field of Mathematics, the work that was done by the grades 5 and 6 depicted sound knowledge and lateral thinking. Grade 5’s hard work on their project ‘Windows’ paid off when they grabbed the first position while between class 7 & 8 ‘Entrepreneurship’ of grade VII closed the deal by earning the first prize.

The timeless efforts of grades V and VI in the subject of History and Geography were extremely well presented and delivered. The first place was appointed to ‘The Methods of Irrigation’ of grade VI. The one project that stood out between the students of grade VII & VIII and stole everyone’s heart was the ‘History of Clay Tablet’ of grade VIII which portrayed the true essence of Al Anwar’s restoration and history.

Similarly the contribution of our secondary students was noteworthy. They single handedly created a vacuum cleaner and presented the science of light by creating a periscope. Both projects were very well presented.

The excitement of this event was multiplied by the water rocket competition, which was held in the complex of Ewaan e Mufaddal. All those who witnessed this event not only appreciated the efforts of students but were overjoyed with their performance, Students of Class VIII- IX participated in the event.

The students were clearly able to achieve the objectives that were designed to be followed, which indeed taught them lifelong skills of team work, excellent retention of memory and responsibility towards their school.