Educational Camp Quetta And Ziyarat

18th – 24th September 2005

Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah set up by Aqa Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS is an exemplary institution, which gently nurtures, and moulds the students with tender and caring hands, so that when he/she leaves the Madrasa, has the readiness, ability and capability to face and overcome the challenges of life with confidence and strength.

Educational Camp is organized every year with the set target of bringing forth the creativity, talent, and resourcefulness of the students to the fore and furthermore to augment the qualities of teamwork, sportsman spirit and discipline This year the place selected for the camp was Quetta and Ziarat, and the classes were Class VIIIA, VIIIB and VIII O Levels. An advance team was sent by Al Madrasa in July to visit the places and make necessary arrangements. The team visited all the places of interest, met with all the relevant authorities and made arrangements for the accommodation, food and transport in both Quetta and Ziyarat.

On 29th July, in the student’s welcome presentation the dates and other details were announced. On 3rd September in Parents’ Vision Presentation all parents were informed about the camp. On 5th September a meeting with Al Masool, six staff members and Class VIII students was held where a circular was given to the students where in the objectives for the camp, the amount, (Rs 2700) and a consent letter were included. It was a record that all the parents replied in the affirmative. There were a total of 45 students (24 boys and 21 girls). After the consent letter and the stated amount were received, a list of things to carry was given to the students. The students were separated into three groups and two leaders were appointed, and two Teachers were in charge, so one group had a total of 17 personnel. The names given were Marjaan, Yaqoot and Aqeeq.

Sh Taher Bhai, the Camp coordinator, and Shireen bhen were incharge of Yaqoot group. M.Shamuil Bhai and Farida bhen Modi were incharge of Marjaan group, and Rashida bhen Haji and M.Huzaifa Bhai were incharge of Aqeeq group. A Memory book was prepared in which different interesting activities related to the camp sites were designed. This book was distributed among students in the bus

.An Araz for Raza Mubarak and Dua Mubarak was sent in Hazrat Imamiyyah Nooraniyyah through Idara. We received the barakaat of Raza and Dua Mubarak before leaving for Quetta.