Educational Camp Quetta And Ziyarat – Day 6

Day 6 Friday 23rd September ((20th Shaban ul Kareem))
On 23rd September we set out for a walk towards PTDC Motel and then to Juniper Lodge. At Juniper Lodge we saw dry leaves falling from the tree. Taking this opportunity we discussed in detail the meanings of Rasulullah (SAW)’s hadith mubarak “Ana Shajaratun wa Fatemato Hamloha ……”. We concluded on this point that as long as we remain Mutamassik with Aqa Moula’s Daman we will be like fresh green leaves of a tree. The day we leave that Daman we will fall like a dry leave and will be burnt in Jahannam, as dry leaves are burnt eventually in fire. After breakfast we were all ready for our return journey.

We left Ziyarat at 11:00 am and reached Quetta at around 2:00 pm. As we had to spend only one night the accommodation was arranged in Quetta Musafirkhana and Jamaatkhana Hall. After namaz, lunch and some rest we went out for an evening walk on Jinnah Road. As it was Friday, some shops were closed and we could not do shopping. We returned back to Musafirkhana for Maghrib namaz. Dinner was arranged in Jamaatkhana by Amil sahib and Quetta Jamaat. Some Aayanul Jamaat were present to serve the food. Juzer Bhai Marzaban who also works in GSP brought along with him Sir Asif and his family. Students were overjoyed to see him again. After dinner the final round of Capture Activity was conducted. Juzer Bhai and Sir Asif observed the activity. After Tilawat ul Qasida luggage was loaded in the bus as we had to leave early the next morning.