Educational Camp Quetta And Ziyarat – Day 1

Day 1 Sunday 18th September ((15th Shaban ul Kareem))
The 1-day on 15th Shaban ul Kareem ie 18th Sept arrived, all the students assembled in the Madrasa and after having sacrificed a black goat for Sadaaqa we all started our journey at 7:52 am. Janab Amil Saheb Sh Mohammed Bhai Peti wala, Al Masool Sh Mustafa Bhai and other committee members were present to see off us. We had Tilawat n Dua in the bus itself and then many activities were conducted like news presentation, book reviews etc. At 2:00 pm we reached Khuzdaar and had lunch. Finally at night at about 9:00 pm we reached The Boys’ Scout Headquarter in Quetta where we were going to put up. It was a thrilling experience for the boys as for the very first time they were going to stay in scout camps. We had our dinner and after Tilawat ul Qasida we all went to bed.