Education Beyond National Boundaries

Equipping the students of today with skills required for leading a fulfilling life, by offering a fine blend of both deen and dunya, MSB Educational Institute Shabbirabad has undertaken an ambitious initiative of offering our graduating batch an essential international trip every year for exposing them to the intricate details of life beyond their comfort zones.

We aspire to teach our students the need to remain steadfast on religion, all the while equipping them with education which by far measures upto all international standards. Last year our graduating batch was taken to Egypt, where they benefited from the history of the rich land and ofcourse the divinity of ziarat mubarak.

This year again by the Raza of Aqa Maula TUS, 17 students along with 4 teachers will be undertaking the supreme pilgrimmage to Mecca for performing Umrah tonight. We wish them the very best and hope for them a safe journey full of blessings and lifelong lessons.