Craft Learnt At Upper Primary & Secondary

26th February 2013

The air was laden with fervor and excitement and the festivity of the occasion was eminent as the Upper Primary and Secondary students came forth to attain fresh talents and skills through people who were best able to demonstrate to the students. The excitement of learning something new aptly added to the milaad festivity. The Class 5 boys were busy learning and meticulously making paper flowers and folded napkins whilst the girls learnt how to make namakdanis. The Class 6 girls used canvas cloth to make beautifully embroidered floral patterns while Class 7 girls learnt running stiches to make outlines and used lazy daisy and French knots to make floral designs on handkerchiefs. Class 6 and 7 boys learnt to make festively decorated gift bags. The Class 8 girls made marvelous bracelets to match their ridas. 8B’s followed Aliqadar Moula (TUS)’s farmaan and planted flowers in the flower beds of the school yard. Girls of class 10 and 11 enjoyed arranging Ikebana arrangements whilst 9’s were seen busily bent over applique a technique one often enjoys using in the designing of ridas. The class 9-11boys enjoyed helping out their muraquibs in displaying of the madhes and tehanayat cards prepared by the students

The event exuded festivity and pride at being able to celebrate the 102nd Milad of our beloved Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS.