Convocation Ceremony 2018-19

The academic excellence and reputation of any educational institution can be measured by the quality of education and training imparted to its students. The much-awaited Convocation Ceremony of MSB Shabbirabad for academic year 2018-19 which took place at the Al Jamea tus Saifiyah auditorium, was a testament to the quality of education that is being provided at AlMadrasa. The ceremony was a culmination of the years of dedication given to achieve their degree.

The graduates made a grand entrance from the centre of the auditorium, escorted by their teachers wearing their graduation robes and hats with their libas ul anwar. The event began traditionally with tilawatul Quran al Majeed followed by recitation of Qaseeda Mubaraka, Marasiyah Shareefa and the sweet melody of Maula TUS’s Madeh by our students.

Students of class 11 took the stage to lead the audience in the National Anthem with great respect and pride for our country.

After a warm welcome note from Janab AlMasool, the prize distribution ceremonies took place for each section beginning with the Primary Section followed by the Upper Primary Section with a highlight of three poem recitals in between.

Next, a total of 39 ICATS and IKLC winners were awarded with medals, followed by a nostalgic clip of priceless memories made in the previous academic year.

We honoured our 2018-19 batch of 38 graduates with completion certificates and acknowledged our high achievers with inscribed shields and medals.

At a glance, warm smiles, rounds of applause, students filled with excitement and proud parents and staff members alike, could be seen throughout the auditorium.

The event concluded with Chief Guest, Al Hadd ul Anjabul Asa’ad, AlAmil of Karachi, Janab Juzer Bhaisaheb delivering an enlightening speech to the students providing them guidance for the journey and opportunities that lie ahead of them.

As a bittersweet end to this special event, first position holders amongst our graduates in O Level and SSC examinations delivered a farewell speech paying tribute to AlMadrasa and its staff members with heartfelt gratitude for their success.