Colours Programme Report


Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah Shabbirbad Karachi
The parents of Prep I B were welcomed on a colorful Friday morning the 31st of October 2008, to share with their children, their learning which they had projected through a stage show. They enjoyed the delightful experience of watching each petal unfurl and were filled with pride with the projection of the tiny tots blossoming with the beauty of Ilm and amal.
The Programme revolved round the theme of

The programme commenced with the tilawat of Quraan-e-kareem and went on to the recitation of Ya-Syed-us-shohadaii. The josh and jazba with which the children did matam immediately brought to our minds, Moula Kalemaat aa farzando maru Aainda nu lashkar che.

The girls all dressed in white outfits befitting for queens with shiny crowns presented a poem appreciating the wonders of Allah’s creation. This was supported with a scenic PowerPoint presentation.

This was followed by Allah’s display of colours in magnificence and grandeur in the crowns of kings. The jewels came and introduced themselves. It was splendid to visualize the radiance of colours emanating from within the hearts of our precious jewels.

This was followed by a discussion amongst the colours. It was indeed an awakening reminder of Allah’s bounties in an array of colours. Very promptly the programme ended on the recitation of madeh in grace of Allah and His Dai for the bounties He continues to shower upon us.

We pray that may each and every child basking in the glory of Burhanuddin Aqa’s saya Mubarak come out shining with flying colours through the walk of life and may the sunshine of Moulas saya Mubarak fill the world with its radiance till the day of Qiyamat. Ameen!
The parents left taking along with them the enriching feeling of pride as they walked through the gates of MSB.
MSB Educational Institute
Shabbirbad Karachi