Clean The Environment Drive At MSB

28th February 2013

Pollution is a rising calamity world-wide bringing about the dangers that encompass it. Since every Moomins well-being is of highest concern to Aqa Moula (TUS) and Moulaya Aali Qadr(TUS), it was His instruction to Momineen especially in Karachi and around the globe at large,to keep the environment clean.

Taking up this farmaan, it was only pertinent that every individual be responsible for an environment free of waste and litter. Therefore to create awareness a day amidst the 102nd Milaad celebration was dedicated to cleanliness of the environment.

The students at all levels from the tiny tots to our eldest classes and the staff busied around cleaning the desks and tables, school bags and classrooms out meticulously.

While on this task, each envisaged an environment untainted and clean in the saya Mubarak of their beloved Moula (TUS)