Class V Visits The Chocolate Factory

12th December 2013

An educational excursion is always a welcomed and much awaited venture. The English teachers lead the eager chocolate lovers to the world of chocolatiers. This trip was scheduled to reinforce the learning outcomes of the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”an exciting classic by Roald Dahl.

“Sindh Chocolate Works” was the factory and “Paxy” was the product which was visited. The aroma of chocolate in its smelting pots filled the senses of the students as they entered the factory.

Initially the students saw the chocolate mixing section where the ingredients were mixed and poured into molds. As the mixture set in its molds, it was now ready to be packaged. The students viewed with rapt attention as they related the procedures with those which were portrayed in the book.

Later the students were introduced to boilers which were heated to 110 degrees where candy was being made. Lastly, after packing the sweets and chocolates they were put on weighing scales. The students’ enthusiasm was eminent as they watched the mouthwatering treats being processed and packed to reach candy stores around the country.

The students enjoyed their snacks and sat down to share their learning from this delightful excursion at the Bangalore Town Park.