Class IV’s Present A Talent Show

21st Nov 2011

The children awaited the arrival of their parents, all set to present their best. Right from the very beginning which included anchoring the program, till the last, each moment captivating as children performed one after the other.

The program was set upon a theme emphasizing the benefits of preparation and was clearly projected all through the program.

As per our culture and tradition the proceedings began with the recitation of Qur’an-e-Majeed, followed by verses from Marasi Mubarakah.

This led on to the Math Quiz where the children all proved their wit and whiz and their preparation for it was eminent as they confidently combated question after question and round after round. The quiz concluded with Sabr house as the triumphant winners.

A play that was next in line was based on on hikayat of “Mustaiddaat” and a Hadees by Rasulullah (SAW) regarding seizing the opportunity when the door leading to the good opens upon one for one is never sure of how long he may avail this opportunity. The pretty maids having prepared their lanterns with oil, awaited their grooms, whilst those that had been foolish and hadn’t worried about their lanterns lost their grooms.

Next, the students came up stage to recite a nasihat that every child has at the tip of his/her tongue, “Ilm na moti jaro…”

Next was an enchanting tableau presented extremely well in the national language “Urdu”. The tableau too portrayed the theme, the one who sows shall reap. And thus the old woman who carried the grain to the granary and ground her flour and baked her bread was the one who was able to eat it too.

The program came to an end with verses of Madeh in dua which the entire audience joined on in as the words “barso barso rahe “echoed in the environment.

The students and the teachers toil and hard work of many a days was all apparent in the meticulous setting and planning of each item. And as the theme suggested, thus the students and the staffs’ efforts bore fruit as the program unfolded smoothly and efficiently and led to sharing a joyful morning with the audience.

The parents left with a sign of glee their bosoms swelled with pride at their children’s performances.