Class III’s Talent Show & General Quiz

15th December 2011

“True knowledge lies in knowing how to live.”
It was a great pleasure to be part of the  talent show where one  witnessed the finest talent being brought forth on the stage as the Class III’s  presented in various ways the precious learnings from  the priceless book of selected Ayaat from the Quran-e- Majeed, Ahadees of Rasulullah(SAW) and Akaleem of Ameer-ul-Momineen(SAW).

This momentous event began as per ritual with the recitation of Qur’an e Majeed by one of the students. The recitation of Naseehat and Marasi Shareefa  a fine part of our culture and literature a portrayal of  our faith and beliefs came next.

It was now time to sit back and witness the mega event of the show, where the  dynamic  TEAMS of MSB’s Class III displayed the most astounding possession of knowledge put forward by each genius through a Quiz. The quiz consisted of four rounds where each round was a thrill in itself as it displayed the enthusiasm and quick wittedness of the participants. The contest was a tough one, and deciding upon a winner team was a steep ordeal as 3 teams emerged with a tie. Eventually the YAQEEN Group managed to take the victory stand.

The excitement of the quiz was kept alive by yet another exciting performance coming up which was a skit presented in English, where our talented students expressed themselves to present a valuable lesson on how a knowledgeable person serves as a candle that lights others light along its way and the spreads  the light of knowledge eliminating the darkness of ignorance.

The next event was a colourful presentation in Urdu which filled the audience with laughter yet passed on an important message. The act was based on an old man out in the world in the quest of knowledge, knowing not what to do or who to follow and how in his ignorance he ends up doing the most ridiculous things.

The parents waited eagerly event after event in anticipation of what would come on stage next to entertain and enthral them till the very end.

This captivating performance ended with the recitation  of verses of Madeh and Wazifa tus Shukr and parents slowly and smilingly with memories locked within their hearts left the school premises.