Class III At The Fire Station

3rd December 2014

After doing Sadaqah, the students of class III along with their teachers climbed into the waiting vehicles to go to the fire station. The students were warmly welcomed by officials of the City Government Fire station at Lawrence Road Karachi.

The students were briefed about the functioning of the fire station. They watched the fully equipped fire engine and fire fighters in action as they demonstrated a real situation. The fire fighters swiftly used different techniques to put out the fire. The large water hoses, the sprinklers and the latest technique of extinguishing fires using foam were part of the demonstration.

The students had a chance to get a close look at the latest models of fire engines which were loaded with several devices. The staff at the fire department was cooperative and friendly. They answered the queries in detail patiently.

The students returned to school over a chatter of the details of the knowledgeable trip.