Class II Goes On A Trip Around Karachi

4th December 2014

The Class II’s were deep into their topic “Different places” in social studies, therefore the most apt thing to do was to take the students around a few eminent places in Karachi.

The first sojourn was at Burhani Mahal where the students were honoured by the presence of As-syed-ul-Ajal Shehzada Ali Asghar Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin Saheb (DM) and Ad- Durratul Maknoonah Baisaheba Umme Ayman Baisaheba. The students presented a bouquet to Shehzada Saheb and Baisaheba Umme Ayman Baisaheba, graced the students with barakaat they could never have even thought of. She led them to the entrance of Moula (TUS)’s Gurfah Mubarak . She brought to mind the memories of Al-Hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (R.A) and asked the children to imagine standing at the lift whilst Moulana Ali Qadr Moula (TUS) would be present. She asked children what would be the first words they would utter? Spontaneously within the blink of an eyelid the students let out calls of ”Moula Moula Mufaddal Moula!”

The next stop was Tooba Masjid in Defence which is distinct in its architectural beauty as there are no pillars and is shaped as a dome and sound echoes all around the masjid. The students now made their way to Imtiaz Super market at Defence. The children enjoyed wandering starry eyed into the aisles.The officials informed the teachers that it was for the first time that a school was visiting the Super Market as a field trip.

After a long productive morning, the students headed back to school bubbling with excitement of the trip around.