Celebrating Milad E Imam Uz Zaman At MSB Shabbirabad

12th Dec 2018

Al Madrasa Tus Saifiya Tul Burhaniyah — Shabbirabad, from the Pre-Primary Section to the Secondary Section celebrated the auspicious function of Milad al Imam az Zaman AS.

  • The Pre-Primary Section was decorated beautifully to create the atmosphere of happiness amongst all students. Ceremony of cake-cutting was done which heightened the delightfulness of young Msbians.
  • The Primary Section actively participated in making tahini cards, each highlighting the creativity of young minds, and showing their emotions and gratitude for the countless blessings of Aqa Maula TUS.
  • The Upper-Primary & Secondary Section students were filled with excitement as a two hour programme was conducted to celebrate this auspicious day. It started with Qira’at followed by Qasida Shareefah and a beautiful medley recited by Class 10 girls.

Raudat e Adab e Fatemi & Quran Quiz finals were held, where each participant put their utmost efforts to compete with the other teams.

Finally a short skit was presented by Mukhayyam children to portray the difficulties which they face daily in the process of Hifz ul Quran and how to overcome them.

Children exited the courtyard with band procession and young students of class 5 & 6 portraying their unique skill of skating.