Career Counselling For The Seniors

20th November 2014

Choosing a subject to specialize in and choosing a career for one’s self can often be a challenging task when students are often faced with dilemmas and confusions. Every year, Al-Madrasa arranges meets with leading professionals for students to benefit from.

This year Al-Madrasa had invited a renowned professional Mr. Khurram Iqbal to share some insight upon the selection of their careers. Mr. Iqbal interacted in a very friendly manner with the students and elicited their plans for their future.

Some very interesting ideas that he shared with the students were that they must explore their skill set and decide what profession they could excel in.

The speaker advised students to be realistic and plan their steps. A good score in the board exams would get them admission in their desired field in top class colleges/universities. However in case they were unable to achieve this, they must always have a plan B ready.

Lastly, he spoke to the students about the necessity of calculating cost involved in studying at leading colleges and universities. He motivated students to be A+ students and work on their personality so that they could be eligible for scholarships.

This session served as an eye opener for the students, their reaction showed that they had not thought beyond their present class at all but now they were motivated to think ahead.

The sessions concluded on a thank you note to the speaker and a word of encouragement by the Masool urging students to take the advice rendered and use it to excel at academics and groom their own personalities.