Career Biography

Carved like a picture in my heart the memorable moments when I saw my family back from stage, their eyes glowing, feeling proud and full of joy. Saturday 3rd March 2007, the day when I got my degree in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and by blessings and Vaseela of Panjatan Pak and Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS I have also been awarded Gold Medal for securing highest score in Marketing elective. Attaining this life time achievement is the result of my parent’s full support, efforts, continuous courage of being focused and passion of learning new things.
The journey began with my schooling which got over by matriculation from Al-Madrasa Tus Saifiyah Tul Burhaniyah. In my opinion there are few privilege students who get the opportunity of obtaining both religious and secular education to strengthen one’s base which I got from this school. This was the period when I got the benign teachings and understanding that has led me choose the right direction of my career and life.
After finishing matriculation in 1998, I decided to go for intermediate in the field of commerce which has been my area of interest and ever demanding vocation. When it came to decide for college, I joined Government College of Commerce & Economics which is recognized as one of the best Government and Commerce College in Karachi Pakistan. Clearing my intermediate in 1st division then I determined to opt for graduation.

Year 2000 and onwards was the period when it was boom in the industry of Information Technology and taking this into consideration I joined Aptech Computer Education to study 2 years Higher Diploma in Software Engineering and at the same time complete Batchelor of Commerce (B.Com). All the learning at Aptech enhanced my knowledge and command in the field of computers which is now the necessity of any profession. In year 2002 I accomplished my graduation and secured B.Com degree from University of Karachi.

Completing 14 years of education and additionally Diploma in Computers fortified me to take further education and this time planned to study abroad for further education in Business Administration that would also compliment my existing qualification. My elder brother (Huzefa ex-student MSB) residing in Dallas, USA and with family support I choose University of Texas at Arlington.

After hard work of almost a year in corresponding for admission (I20-Admission letter), TOEFL preparation and examination, consolidation of documents required for US Visa, in short got the admission and fulfilled all the formalities then came the time to appear for interview in US embassy. My interview lasted hardly for 2 minutes and unfortunately was not granted student visa. This was the time when efforts seemed emaciated and really felt dishearten for some time but thinking optimistically and taking this disappointment as a strong point became decisive for completing Post Graduation (MBA) from a local degree granting institution.
August 2004, I got admission in SZABIST and started Masters of Business Administration. Studying at university level encompassed a broader aspect; it not only groomed my knowledge and education but also gave the exposure of practical world. During MBA I also did couple of internship to apply theoretical learning in the practical work environment. HUM TV and TAPAL TEA PVT LTD were the two companies from where I got the epigrammatic experience of Media and FMCG industry. I did internships in marketing which I have also specialized in my post graduation.

It was the time when I was in last semester and just after finishing internship from Tapal Tea, I was offered a job in Service Quality – A unit established to ensure better services and greater customer satisfaction. My efforts, sincerity and attitude to serve led me attain job prior to finishing MBA which is not a usual occurrence for fresh graduates. Today it has been almost a year working in Tapal Tea where each day is full of challenges and enthusiasm.
Gradually with the span of time and growing age I started realizing and understanding that behind every success a person achieves, either it is minor or foremost important there needs to put stream of efforts to make it true. The difficulties faced and efforts put by my parents and family to establish the business, home and reputable name in the society is commendable which has always given support and respect to me.

Social assistance and uplift of needy people in all manner, contribution in building the society and establishing own business (entrepreneurship) has always been encouraged by my Dawoodi Bohra community I belong to and being proudly the follower of His Holiness Dr. Sayedna Muhammad Burhanuddin.

Taking in to accordance and full recognition of what I mentioned above, the strategic vision of my life I foresee is:

”To establish and expand my own large business organization that would aid me to support my entire family in all manners and fulfill my responsibility of social assistance (Daawat Khidmat) and uplift of needy people that would ultimately earn honor and dignity for me and my family”

I would end this by a small yet important advice to our upcoming generation. It is very necessary to understand oneself and set a direction of our own life.
People should question themselves that every step taken in daily life and whatever act they do, what is the reason behind it? And how much it contributes to their ambition of life? In order to know that, people should first seek their ambition of life and then go for it.
“Knowledge” is associated with deeds, those who learn perform deeds”.