Burhanuddin Mannan Wins The Honourable Mention Award In BVS-MUN

The rising political activist of MSB-SHABBIRABAD Burhanuddin Mannan was highly appreciated for his contribution in BVS MUN in which he was awarded the Honorable Mention award.

Burhanuddin was also a participant in MUNIK this year organized by the Public Speaking Society of IBA.

Burhanuddin used both platforms to enunciate the climate crisis agenda and delivered 62 speeches in total addressing and stressing on the need of global action for the looming climatic issue existing in the world today.

Burhanuddin has used his inclination to work for the benefit of his country on various platforms and hence discussed various current issues with ministers and politicians like Syed Murad Ali Shah, Mrs Shehla Raza, Mr. Mustafa Kamal, Mr. Junaid Mukati, Mayor of Karachi: Mr. Waseem Akhtar, Governor Sindh: Mr. Imran Ismail and many others.

Burhanuddin is the pride of the school for the sensitivity he holds in his heart for the country and enjoys deep friendship and understanding with Pakistan’s notable talk show host: Mr. Waseem Badami.