Be A Child With Your Child

From 11th till 15th March 2019

As teachers are said to be the backbone of any educational institution, in the same way parent-teacher-student trio is known to be the pillar of an educational system.

Universally it is proven that the success of any educational institute lies on the strong relationship it holds with its stakeholders (parents). For keeping parents abreast with the day to day activities of their children, it is very important to have more and more programmes/events organized by the school providing first hand experiences for the parents to witness their children’s performances.

The programmes/events planned in MSB which provide a platform for the parents to strengthen their relationship with the school are as follows:

  • Accompanying children on the field trips.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • Viewing their children’s stage performances.
  • Attending various school programmes.
  • Involving in preparing activity materials for show and tell sessions etc

Recently the programme just concluded was thought out of the box for strengthening better the relationship of the trio. This week long programme gave parents a complete insight of the Pre-Primary school system, from the morning welcome till the afternoon farewell.

A unique invitation card was sent to the Moms of our Pre Primary section.

A group of five mothers from all the six classes of Pre-Primary section were invited on each day of the week.

The mothers were there to come and spend time with their children right from the start of the day till the end, be it freeplay sessions or dua and hifz lessons or any other secular/deeni lessons/activities scheduled along the day.

The day started off with a short briefing session conducted by our Academic Coordinator for Primary and Pre Primary sections. She highlighted the importance of the parent-teacher-student relationship and what was expected from the moms for the day.

After this session all the moms (around 30-35 moms per day) joined their children in their free play sessions, followed by physical fitness exercises and concluded with the free play chorus recitation of dua for Aqa Moula TUS tulul umar.

From the playground, children along with their moms marched towards their classrooms where the class teachers welcomed them with the badges made especially for this day. The day went on in a normal routine till home time.

During the day it was a joyous sight to view the parents actively participating in the classroom activities, singing rhymes, serving food and sitting in the thaals with their little ones during mawaaid time. However the icing on the cake was that the mothers themselves conducted story sessions in the classrooms.

The programme ended with a PTC with moms on one to one basis and a questionnaire was given to them to record their feedback.

We are very thankful to our valued moms for taking out time for this novel programme and for exhibiting their delight and positive attitude towards the wellbeing of not only their children but the school as well.