Ashara Ohbat 1434

12th November 2012

HuzureAala TUS on various occasions has been heard stating and endorsing the importance of Zikre Hussain (AS). He (TUS) states

“Tamam Ilm no khulaso Hussain no matam che”

Therefore, Ashara Mubarakah is considered an important season in MSB’s academic calendar. MSB remains closed during Ashara Mubarakah to enable students to attend waaz Mubarak daily and punctually.

MSB takes up the responsibility of nurturing its students in all aspects. Attending Ashara Mubarakah and attaining barakaat to the optimum is our goal and objective during these days.

The students of the Pre-Primary gathered in the dua hall for a presentation regarding Ashara Mubarakah and what is required of them during those days.

The Primary had a similar gathering where students were instructed to take their notebooks and pencils and transcribe as much as they could from the waaz Mubarak.

The Secondary students gathered in Evaan e Mufaddal on 12thNovember 2012 for a discussion on preparations for Ashara Mubarakah.

The meet commenced with a bayaan that Moulaya Aali Qadr (TUS)had recently performed signifying the barakaat of Imam Hussain AS’s matam.

Students were made aware to the minutest detail of how they were expected to gather barakaat during these Mubarak days.

The students were also required to take home a form where they could fill in the details of the ibadat they would do during Ashara Mubarakah.

The meet concluded with Aali Qadr Moula (TUS)’s bayaan on another occasion and the recitation of shahadat in response to which the students congregated in thunderous matam as a dua beat persistently in their hearts and upon their lips

“Is josh ke aalam mei, is shaan ke matam mei, rakhna tu sada mere Moula ko jawaan Zahra”