Ashara Mubarakah Ohbat At MSB

31st October 2013

Ashara Mubarakah marks an illustrious beginning of the hijri year. It is a season when barakaat is in abundance and Momineen worldwide collect together for zikre hussain (AS).

MSB conducts a program to prepare the students for the gathering of the innumerable bounties to the optimum during these days.

On the 31st of October the students of all the sections gathered in their respective places within the school premises and at their respective times for this program.

The Muraqebeen walked the students through a presentation regarding Ashara Mubarakah stating and clarifying the expectations of the students during these momentous days based on the directives received from MSB Head office in Mumbai.

The students were also given printed books for transcribing waaz Mubarak in the higher classes and at the early primary level classes the books had activities to follow through the waaz Mubarak.

The students also gathered in groups to discuss and elicit what they planned to do during Ashara Mubarakah 10 representatives from classes III & IV came forth to share their resolutions and pledges for this season of barakaat.

The meets culminated upon the thunderous matam of Imam Hussain (AS) with a fervent dua beating in each heart that may Imam Hussain (AS)’s Dai and His Mansoos live in the best of health till the existence of matam e Hussain (AS).