Ashara Mubaraka 1441H Quiz And Zakereen Musabaqat In Pursuit Of Maula’s TUS Happiness

Each year begins with the priceless and immeasurable barakaat of Maula’s TUS bayan mubarak during Ashara Mubaraka. This year, 1441H’s subject of bayan was the thirty counsels of Maulana Ali AS. Students of AlMadrasa were eagerly awaiting their opportunity of safekeeping these priceless jewels of wisdom in the treasure chest of their hearts and souls.

The annual Ashara Mubaraka quiz competition is a platform which facilitates this. It encourages and drives the students towards waaz mubarak memorization which ultimately benefits their souls.

The first round of this competition took place between 137 students of STD 6 – 11. Fifty students qualified for the second round out of which 24 made it to the final.

On Friday, 8th November 2019, the stage was set for our four teams to compete. Along with these four teams, the finalists of Musabaqatu Zakereen would compete and showcase their talent in the pursuit of attaining Maula’s TUS happiness.

After tilawatul Quran al Majeed and a soulful recitation of Qaseeda and Marasiyah, a team of girls from Class 11 recited Rasulullah’s SAW Na’at followed by recitation of a Noha by students of class 4. The boys then cleared the stage and our four teams of Ashara Mubaraka Quiz took their place.

The first test of their knowledge was done through a warmup round of MCQs asked. The next round tested their observational skills and general knowledge of Ashara Mubaraka through selected pictures shown from this year’s waaz mubarak for a few seconds after which they were asked questions about each picture. The third round rose the bar as each team was asked to recall nadir captions from Maula’s TUS bayan mubarak.

The programme switched gears as two Zakereen participants recited in solo, one recited a Na’at and the other a Noha. Ashara Mubaraka Quiz participants listened and waited in anticipation for what was in store for them next.

The competition for Ashara Mubaraka Quiz participants intensified as the fourth round was a rapid-fire round where each team selected a team mate to answer the maximum number of questions within a minute’s time.

Quiz participants took a breather to recharge themselves as two more competitors from our Zakereen took the stage to recite a Madeh in solo. The audience listened intently, not a sound to be heard other than the sweet sound of Maula’s TUS Madeh.

The moment of truth had finally arrived. It was the final round for our quiz competitors to gain their marks to win in a round of storytelling. Each team narrated a story and Power Point Presentation they had prepared through which the counsels of Maulana Ali AS would be conveyed creatively.

The programme came to an end with Madeh recitation by students of class 5.

After careful consideration by our respected judges, Janab AlMasool took the mic to announce the results. He shared his sentiments of how proud he was of all our participants as they had come well prepared and it was a close-run competition leaving it very difficult to choose one as the winner.

Participants of team Taheri – Mustafa Chakera (STD 10), Mustafa Pishori (STD 10), Taha Chinikamwala (STD 9), Hatim Gain (STD 8), Huzaifa Al-qamari (STD 9) and Najmuddin Dawoodjiwala (STD 11) from our Ashara Mubaraka Quiz participants came out on top. From our talented Zakereen, Ali Asghar Rampurawala’s team of class 4 and Zahabiyah Ajmerwala, solo participant of class 4 secured first position while Mustansir Mithaiwala of class 8 came in second.

All our students are winners in the eyes of AlMadrasa, which is why every final round participant received a gift and certificate appreciating and acknowledging their hard work and efforts.