Ashara Activities

Ashara Mubarakah is a season of collecting barakaat and formulating a constitution to govern ones self through out the year. Al-Madrasa is officially declared “closed” during this season but indeed the process of educating and nurturing our students is at its optimum then as students attend waaz majlis actively and write down whatever they can to the best of their capacities.

The waaz books are provided by MSB, as we consider the waaz majlis a source of the finest education and certainly the epitome of all “ilm”as HuzureAala (TUS) is often heard stating

When the session at MSB resumes after its Ashara closure, students actively discuss with the Muraqebein and their colleagues the points they heard and noted. Not only that, but students present their copies to their teachers.

The Muraqebein at MSB look meticlously into every book and help students by furnishing them with ideas that enable them to follow the waaz better.

The students are awarded stars for the efforts they make towards the writng of the waaz and decorating their waaz books as they continue to grow, glow and shine with the Ilm of Aale Mohammed (SAW)